Sulfate of Potash (SOP)

SOP is an important source of Potash, a quality nutrient for production of crops, especially fruits and vegetables. FFC SOP contains 50% K2O in addition to 18%sulfur, which is an important nutrient especially for oil seed crops because of its role in increasing the oil contents. It has also an additional advantage of ameliorating effect on salt-affected soils. Sulfur also helps in containing spread of fungal or other soil borne diseases. Potash is an important nutrient for activation of enzymes in the plant body, develops resistance against pests, diseases, stresses like water/frost injury and also helps in increasing sugar / starch contents in plants. It also improves quality and taste of vegetables / fruits.

FFC SOP is one of the finest quality products with less than 1% Chloride content being imported from European origin and preferred for the high value Tobacco crop.